Unappreciated: TECH N9NE and Canibus
March 10, 2009, 9:44 PM
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I’ve been saying this for the longest time! Canibus is THE best Lyricist in the world..and no he didn’t lose that battle to LL, HELL NO! LL was just a signed artist who had more of an outlet..basically he had a bigger mic..If your a true Canibus fan then you know there isn’t 1 Canibus track you can listen to where you don’t have to rewind it and be like “You hear what that n*gga said?!”..real talk.

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Tech N9ne..one word, EVIL! Every single track is hard, the lyrics are on point, the flow is crazy and the beats are solid! In my opinion Tech N9ne Single-handedly  sold the Alpha Dog Soundtrack. Slither is an instant party classic..So if you have a chance Youtube Tech N9ne..you’ll be amazed.

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